Director Desk

It gives an immeasurable pleasure and contentment when i recapitulate the unbeaten journey of Delve Public School growing each day as a rose bud turning into a flower with multicolored petals of heavenly fragrance.

It‘s a matter of great pride that within a short span Delve Public has made great strides in sports, academics and extra-curricular activities. We focus on the superlative zone of perfection and the results are indubitable to all of it.

Delve Public‘s aim is to deliver a sound education and equal opportunities to every student as to compose them solid individuals and a perfect being in the great stead of life. We never lose the sight of our mission that a child should first ‘learn to learn‘ which makes him/her even find the answers which yet not discovered. The constant efforts and consistent labor is to produce good citizens and well equipped students which make them march proudly in the world. Our endeavors have always been to prove ourselves the best school around the globe which by god‘s grace and everyone‘s support will be achieved.