Welcome To DPS, Tatrpur

Children are like oysters with lovely pearls. Our aim through out the year was to unearth the hidden potential in each students. Our students have shown exuberant results with their unflagging zeal for perfection. The School constantly aims to equip the students with opportunities for self exposure and adaptability with the competitive world to show stupendous result.

As education is a process towards progressive civilization, it is the most powerful tool in the hands of man enabling him to build a better world by building better minds. Rightly did Elize Cook say ‘Better build school rooms for boys than cells and gibbets for man." Education helps a man achieve nobility in reason and be infinite in faculties. It is thus a great joy for me to watch ‘Delve Public School‘ blossoming into fullness. Any education system worth its name aims at the development of the personality through cultivation of the art of writing as it is in writing that mangives an expression to his deepest sell The importance of writing can never be underestimates.

Rome perished but Romans live. The sun set the British Empire, but it never set on Shakespeare -he belongs to eternity. Ever since the foundation of Delve Public School, opportunities have opened up for to the students to express themselves through various creative activities. With this-I would like to quote this for all my young delveies. "Good things come to those who wait, but only those things are left by those who hustle."


Art & Craft

An Art & Craft is a fun or leisure activity which D.P.S. conducts on routine base. Utility items by waste material are the main motto of it. Teachers are not only giving knowledge they also developing creative ideas in kids mind. In this way we can find creative thoughts.


Healthy body develop healthy mind for this fact every year D.P.S. arrange Annual Sports Meet. Students of Nursery to class XI participate in different outdoor game. Sports can maintain stamina and Physical strength Number of medals are provide to students to encourage them.

Music & Dance

Inside each of the child is an artist, we can groom, easily by giving a little effort from our side. To prove this thing D.P.S. arrange a music and dance period form each class Music period is also allotted to each class, where student can learn different instrument Music and Dance teacher always focus on individual child to improve their talent.

Health Care

Every year D.P.S. arranges a Medical camp. Doctors form private Hospital examined all the students as a routine check-up. They provided special guide line to parents also regarding kid’s diet plan and growth. D.P.S. always taking care of Hygiene and cleanliness Teachers always takes care of it.

Our Shining Stars